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Which Devotion Flavor are You?

Looking for your perfect vodka? Whether you are having a casual night in or are looking for a wild night out, there are so many different flavors to choose from.   Take this quiz to determine which Devotion flavor best matches your personality. Share with your friends so that you have a fair consensus on what to pick up! All of these flavors are sugar-free and gluten-free, so enjoy!

1 flavor

Where are your plans tonight?

A. Grabbing some dinner then out dancing
B. Trying a new restaurant.
C. Visiting a trendy new club in the city.
D. Your favorite local dive bar.
E. As close as possible to the ocean!
F. A Backyard BBQ.


What is your dream vacation?

A. A bed and breakfast in an idyllic town. I would sleep in every morning and have brunch waiting for me.
B. A foreign country, away from all the tourists. I would spend my days exploring new places.
C. Bonjour, Paris!
D. Going out in the city and dancing till the sun comes up.
E. Lounging in the Caribbean with bright and sunny skies.
F. I love being outside, so anything outdoorsy with a good friend.



It’s date night. What are you most likely to be caught doing?

A. Date night? I’d much rather go out for brunch.
B. Forget the boring “dinner and a movie”. Let’s do something adventurous!
C. Dinner at a swanky, candlelit restaurant.
D. Who said I have a date?
E. Let’s relax and converse at a beach bar.
F. Dinner on the patio in this gorgeous weather!


Which flavor makes your mouth water?

A. Orange
B. Blueberry
C. Cranberry
D. Cherry
E. Coconut
F. Lemon


How would your friends describe you?

A. Bright and silly.
B. Unique and adventurous.
C. Trendy and complex.
D. Fun and a little crazy.
E. Relaxed and easy going.
F. Peaceful and natural.


What mood are you in?

A. Happy!
B. Adventurous!
C. Cool, calm, and collected.
D. Let’s rage!
E. Relaxed.
F. Feelin’ good!


So, which flavor are you?


Mostly A’s: Blood Orange

You are fun, yet relaxed. You enjoy bright and sunny days, and live for brunch. You are a ray of sunshine, and always have something positive to say. The Devotion Blood Orange flavor will perfectly compliment your bright personality.

 2 flavor

Mostly B’s: Black and Blue

You are vibrant, unique, and adventurous. You are always up for the next adventure, and never turn down a chance to try something new. You are a go-getter, which is why your friends love being around you. Try the Black and Blue flavor by Devotion for a drink that is uniquely delicious.

 3 flavor

Mostly C’s: Perfect Cosmo

You are always up with the latest trends, and love to have a good time. Your friends follow your lead when it comes to what to do for the night because you always have the best plans. Enjoy the Perfect Cosmo by Devotion for a classic drink that never disappoints.

 flavor 4

Mostly D’s: Wild Cherry

Hey there, wild thing! You are fun and outgoing, and always down for anything. You are an incredible friend, and always around when they need you most. For a great time, try the Wild Cherry flavor by Devotion for a flavor as fun and sweet as you!

 flavor 5

Mostly E’s: Coconut

Life’s a beach, and your just enjoying the waves! You’re easy going and relaxed, but know how to have fun. Your friends love being around you because you know how to make them feel at ease. You will love the Coconut flavored Devotion vodka, because it will make you feel like you’re on a tropical island.

 flavor 6

Mostly F’s: Tiki Tea

You are easy going and refreshing to be around. You are very active and always have the best recommendations for outdoorsy things to do. For a drink that will be refreshing after a long day in the sun, try the Tiki Tea by Devotion paired with some lemonade!

 flavor 7

Combination: Pure

You are an anything goes type of person! Whether you can be found out on the town one night, and then in bed watching movies the next, you are simply unpredictable! Try the original Devotion Vodka, Pure. This is perfect for drinking by itself, or it can easily be combined with your favorite mixer. Pure by Devotion Vodka is perfect for pleasing big groups!

flavor 8

Please remember to drink responsibly.