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Top 3 Fall Inspired Drinks

Are you looking to warm up with a tasty drink in hand? As the weather begins to cool down and fall approaches, be sure to try some of these delicious drink recipes using the high quality vodkas from Devotion Vodka. These will make it much easier to cope with the fact that summer is over.


Fall Drink Recipes

Pumpkin Spice White Russian

This savory fall cocktail is the perfect dessert treat! Here is what you’ll need:

1/2-teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

1-ounce heavy cream

2 ounces Devotion Pure Vodka

1 ounce coffee liqueur

Whipped cream (optional)

Chocolate syrup (optional)

Shake the pumpkin pie spice with heavy cream. Fill a glass with ice and vodka, cream mixture, and coffee liqueur. Top with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. This recipe is courtesy of Nutmeg Nanny.

Fresh Pear Cocktail

Fresh and fruity, this drink is the perfect pairing for an autumn meal. Ingredients:

1 medium Bosc pear

2 tablespoons Devotion Blood Orange Vodka

1-tablespoon pomegranate juice

1-tablespoon fresh lime juice

1-tablespoon agave syrup (or sugar syrup)

3 tablespoons hard apple cider

Pear slices (optional)

Sparkling water (optional)

Shred pear pulp over cheesecloth. Squeeze over a glass to produce 1/3 cup of fresh pear juice. In a shaker with ice, combine pear juice with Devotion Blood Orange vodka, pomegranate juice, lime juice, and agave. Shake and strain into 2 glasses. Top with hard apple cider and sparkling water if desired.

This recipe is courtesy of Sweet Life

Vodka Vanilla Chai

This is the perfect spiced fall drink to kick off the new season and make you feel all warm and cozy inside. Here is what you’ll need:

6 oz. strong Chai Vanilla Tea

2 oz. Devotion Pure Vodka

¾ oz. amaretto liqueur

½ oz. simple sugar

½ oz. half n half

Bring 3 cups of water to a boil and steep the vanilla chai tea for 2-4 minutes. Place the tea in the fridge to chill. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake well. Fill 4 glasses with ice and pour the mixture over. Garnish with a cinnamon stick for an extra touch of fall flavor.

Recipe and featured image courtesy of My Life as a Mrs.

Are you Devoted?

Are you going to try any of these fall favorites, or craft up one of your own? Share your pictures and fall drink recipes with us by tagging them with #DevotionVodka. We may just feature you on our page!

Please remember to drink responsibly.