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Bloody Mary



Everything You’ll Need for the Number One Brunch Cocktail

Brunch is the best meal of the day – especially after a night full of fun. While you’re munching on every amazing combination of breakfast and lunch foods possible, indulge in our Devotion Vodka Signature Bloody Mary.


3 oz. Devotion Pure vodka

A-1 tomato juice

Lemon juice

Tabasco sauce

Worchester sauce


Lemon wedge



Empty 3 ounces of Devotion Pure vodka into a pint glass. After filling the rest of the glass with A-1 tomato juice, add a splash of lemon juice, Tabasco, Worchester sauce and a dash of pepper. Shake vigorously. Complete the cocktail with lemon wedge and celery stick garnishes.


Created by Devotion Vodka.