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Following approval by the by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for the corn vodka to print the words on its bottles in November last year, its owner announced the brand intended to roll out across all 50 states.

It has now been confirmed that Devotion Vodka will be launching across 49 states this year, excluding Alaska, through a phased strategy in partnership with The Action Group USA (TAG).

“The timing is perfect to expand our distribution so adult consumers across the country, who are more conscious of ingredients, can indulge in our gluten-free and sugar-free flavoured vodka family,” said Drew Adelman, CEO and founder of Devotion Vodka.

Adelman also appealed to the brand’s status as the first vodka brand to receive approved gluten-free and sugar-free labelling from the TTB, as something which will enable Devotion Vodka to stand out in an increasingly competitive market place.

“Our ability to maintain gluten-free and sugar-free attributes in our flavoured vodka family is a competitive advantage and a key point of differentiation, especially as we enter new markets,” he said.

“Equally important, being the only vodka brand that can print ‘Gluten-Free’ and ‘No Added Sugar’ on the bottle will more effectively support our marketing efforts in communicating to the end-consumer.”

Launched in 2009 by fitness advocate Adelman, Devotion Vodka is available in five fruit flavours including Wild Cherry, Coconut, Blood Orange, Black and Blue, and The Perfect Cosmo, as well as an original vodka bottling.

When asked by The Spirits Business whether he believes other brands will be pursuing the gluten-free market, Adelman said: “I don’t think big brands will change what they are already doing by pursuing gluten free labelling, but some new products might do this in order to stand out and will definitely be shooting for us.”

“But it’s a lengthy process we have worked hard to achieve this.”

Adelman also said that following its US roll-out, the brand would be considering entering other markets such as the UK and Australia in the future.

Bottled at 80 proof, Devotion Vodka retails for US$19.99.