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Devotion Vodka Now Available at Kroger

As part of the company’s phased national distribution plan, gluten-free Devotion Vodka announced the brand is now available at Kroger supermarkets in South Carolina, Kentucky and Nevada.

Occupying shelf space at the nation’s largest supermarket chain in some key markets supports Devotion Vodka’s strategic expansion plans, as the company continues to penetrate the grocery sector, which includes increased availability at several Wegmans, Whole Foods, Publix and Albertsons supermarkets across the U.S. Future plans include distribution at Kroger supermarkets in multiple states throughout 2014 and beyond.

To support expansion, and as the popularity of gluten-free and sugar-free products continues to increase, Devotion Vodka was recently granted permission by the TTB to be the ONLY vodka brand to print both “Gluten-Free” and “No Added Sugar.”

“Consumer demand for gluten-free and sugar-free products continues to increase in many food and beverage categories, and for those adult consumers who enjoy a cocktail from time to time, Devotion offers a great alternative,” says Drew Adelman, CEO, Devotion Vodka. “The decision by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau truly validates our product, and is a competitive advantage as both on-premise and off-premise establishments are seeking alternative options with gluten-free and sugar-free attributes.”

Devotion Vodka, which is 100 percent corn based, teamed up with Allen Flavors to develop a process of eliminating sugars as a flavoring agent in vodka.

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