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Devotion Vodka Expands Into National Distribution

Billed as the first gluten-free and sugar-free spirit in the U.S. market, Devotion Vodka is expanding to 49 states this year, its owner, Devotion Spirits Inc. of Red Bank, N.J., announced. The vodka, made 100% from corn and available in six flavors, recently won approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to use the “Gluten-Free” and “No Added Sugar” designations on its label.

Made under contract by Death’s Door Spirits near Madison, Wisconsin, Devotion shipped 36,000 cases in 2013 to select markets in the Northeast, Florida and California. CEO Andrew Adelman, a former nightclub owner who founded the brand four years ago, is projecting shipments of close to 80,000 cases this year after striking new distribution deals with such chains as Kroger and BevMo. The Action Group in Coral Springs, Fla., will handle Devotion’s marketing nationwide (it will go to all states this year except Alaska).

Adelman says there are no plans to expand his lineup to other spirits. “We think we have great opportunity on-premise,” he says. “More and more restaurants are offering gluten-free menus. Eventually they’ll be offering gluten-free cocktails, too. We think other brands will be following us in this.”

Adelman has worked closely with Allen Flavorings, the maker of Arizona Iced Tea, to devise sugar-free flavoring agents. Devotion vodka is line-priced at $20 a 750-ml.