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Devotion Gets Countertop POS at Walgreens

Devotion Vodka announced that the brand’s line-up of flavors is now available at 10 Walgreens stores in Arizona and New Mexico.

Gluten-free and sugar-free living is becoming a lifestyle for millions of individuals who must adhere to dietary restrictions, and/or for those who choose to adopt specific diets. To capitalize on the growth and popularity of this trend, each respective Walgreens location will merchandise Devotion Vodka via a countertop POS display near checkout.

“As a leading national retailer, Walgreens has its finger on the pulse when it comes to merchandising innovative and trendy products,” says Drew Adelman, CEO, Devotion Vodka. “Whether scanning for ingredients due to dietary restrictions or checking the origin of a product, consumers are more committed to reading labels, and the countertop POS displays will effectively highlight the key attributes of Devotion Vodka.”

As food and beverage manufacturers continue to offer gluten-free and sugar-free alternatives to traditional product offerings, Devotion Vodka is at the forefront of this movement in the spirits marketplace. The growth of the brand is supported by Devotion’s strong endorsement from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), as Devotion is the only vodka brand permitted to print both “Gluten-Free” and “No Added Sugar” on the bottle.

Adds Adelman, “As a growing company, our labels provide a competitive advantage from a marketing standpoint, and the new merchandising program with Walgreens will prominently leverage Devotion’s sugar-free and gluten-free attributes.”

Devotion Vodka’s line-up of unmatched flavors is born-off the brand’s relationship with Allen Flavors, maker of Arizona Iced Tea and the No. 1 privately owned flavor company, which developed a process of eliminating sugars as a flavoring agent in vodka. Many mass produced flavored vodkas available in the marketplace have been diluted by sugary flavoring agents. In lieu of sugar, Devotion uses an essence process along with natural flavor compounds to ensure its flavored vodkas maintain sugar-free attributes.

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