The Name & Bottle

Drive… Dedication… Devotion…

These words describe the exact way our team tackles all daily challenges in life. Drive, Dedication, Devotion; whether physical, spiritual or intellectual, having an unwavering commitment to any cause, big or small, represents the Devotion mentality. Never giving up on the path to achieving goals is our vision, and embodies the Devoted Drinker.

The inspiration behind the bottle…

How do you package and bottle drive, dedication and devotion? You think of that one purpose in your life. Mine is my daughter Nicole, the little angel that has given me so much in life. She has my heart and guides it in all the right directions without even knowing it. Her white angel wings are wrapped around my clear heart as her heart beats within. Nothing can ever compare or will ever compare to the lifetime of devotion I have for my angel.” – Drew Adelman, President/Founder

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